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Zom6IX Releases New Album "The Big Show"

East coast artist Zom6IX released a brand new album titled The Big Show. This dynamic project sets the tone for Zom6IX and his unique approach to his music. He uses descriptive lyrics over smooth old-school instrumentals which gives the song more life and substance. This ten-song album really sets the tone for his image in the rap game. His unmatched lyricism and his passionate delivery sets him apart from the rest. Zom6ix produced the majority of the album but you will also find production from Album Operator, Yippie The Producer, CF BeatZ, Bezine, LIJAH, and Zomlyfe.

Zom6IX says the inspiration behind the album has a creative meaning; "a theatrical dramatized showcase of personality/personalities". He says reflecting on the time his mentor and uncle encouraged him to introduce himself to hip hop. Interestingly enough, he has been making music for a total of nine years which has taken his penmanship to a whole other level. He says his next moves are to do lots of shows for more exposure and then start to go on tour, traveling and impacting many with his sound and talents. Keep up with Zom6IX as he releases more music this year.

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