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Zig Luve Previews New EP With Visual 'Luve & Drugs The Movie" Out On YouTube

New Jersey artist Zig Luve releases a new, fantastic visual for "Luve & Drugs The Movie".

This is a phenomenal watch and listen, taking the listener through a euphoria of lyrical diversity. Visually, the video's slow-motioned theme along with the elastic edits, immerse the listener in the experience of the music. Zig is seen with his counterpart laid-back. The inaudible/silent aspect of the visual pulls you in because you want to know more of what is going on, the viewer is left curious and wondering, genius.

Zig Luve partnered up with Róse Productions to create the final sound for the visual. There are three records on Zig's new EP Luve & Drugs. The three different songs are beautifully bridged with transitions, as Zig delivers his lyrics. "I wanted the project to be extremely expressive in its lyrical content, but also have an elegant and smooth sound to it that makes it relatable & still fun to listen to," Zig says. He displays the way he uses his creative mind to capture a theme and translate it into a movie.

Overall the Visual was a dope watch right before the EP drops. Zig delivers a powerful message throughout the project. Stating "Luve & Drugs embodies the fact that we're all addicted to something, but the one thing we all NEED is luve", which aims deep to the core, making this project truly one that's relatable and also a great listen. We live in a world with so many distractions and temporary pleasures, but even through those times, we all need Luve. Zig Luve is well on the way to higher heights, keep a lookout.

Stay tapped in with Zig Luve and check out his new EP Luve & Drugs.

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