• Yuni Morales

YUN$KRIII Delivers An Intentional Project With "THE CYCLE"

"My goal was to create a highly self-interpretable, positive, euphoric experience to elevate the conscious, spirit, and mind." - YUN$KRIII

Alternative artist YUN$KRIII has released a compilation of vibes with his latest titled THE CYCLE. The four-track project is comprised of the following singles: FLOWER$ PT. I, FLOWER$ PT. II, FLOWER$ PT. III & CHERRYBLOS$OM. Each song has its own ethereal feel thanks to producer Josh Bennaim (better known as “Jab”) and co-producer Gil Dubin.

YUN$KRIII seeks to inspire his growing audience on a much deeper, substantial level - connecting with self. He was inspired to heal and provide subconscious direction for the listener through this project; sound being one of the most healing components possible.

THE CYCLE is a four-part, complete piece that highlights light, love, and ecstasy, showing each part's progression. The song FLOWER$, will appear on his upcoming album alongside the extended version of CHERRYBLOS$OM, named CHERRYBLOS$OM [EUPHORIA].

YUN$KRIII is focused and excited to provide his growing audience with new music and content for the remainder of 2021. Be sure to stream THE CYCLE on any of your favorite DSP's.

Connect with YUN$KRIII on Instagram for more of his atest updates.

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