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Young Thug and Young Stoner Life Records' 'Slime Language 2' Expected To Hit No.1 On The Charts

Artist and Hip-Hop industry mogul Young Thug with Young Stoner Life Records, release the well-anticipated Slime Language The project was announced to release in November of 2020 but it never did hit the streets until now. Perfect timing before the summer, places all over are heating up and people want new music. Young Thug and YSL dropped on Thugger's birthday, April 16. I think the project will do big numbers but also stamp a time in history, highlighting black success in today's culture and industry.

The 23-track long album features some of the game's biggest names such as Gunna, Future, Travis Scott, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, and many more. Tracks like "Diamonds Dancing" with Travis Scott and Gunna and "Solid" featuring Gunna and Drake are hits! The leading single and Tik Tok famous record "Ski" is the second track on the project, setting the tone indeed. There are so many vibes on this album, every song has a unique sound.

Although it is projected to have major success, the project signifies more than just sounds in the booth. "If it ever comes down to it, this shit ain't got nothing to do with no music. They were a part of the whole thing" Thugger expressed. "I always turn them to family. We don't look at each other like rappers". Further showing how Young Thug is making a difference in these artists' lives more than the music and influence. The album is projected to hit the top of the charts with the group's last project Slime Language Debuting at No.8 in 2018.

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