• Yuni Morales

York Record's Artist Cory North Delivers A 2000's R&B Vibe On His Latest "Lovin Me"

Recording artist Cory North has released a visual for the single "Lovin Me". This R&B-style track highlights Cory's potential in the booth. His lyrics come together in a poetic fashion and the product highlights and adds that perfect touch. He puts the rhythm in blues, singing about emotional back and forth with a significant other.

Being fully transparent and raw, Cory asks genuine questions and shows inner authority, standing up for himself and his friends. The song blends together with metaphors and real-life situations, making it very relatable. In the video, Cory is shown solo and performing to the camera. He is seen walking, sitting, and holding a white flower. The video captures beautiful scenery and he expresses his own emotion to complement the music. The flower is later seen thrown on the ground to represent broken and ended love. Overall this is a great professional video. The music is meaningful and follows an interesting storyline and cadence along the way.

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