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Yakari Gabriel-Torres Takes Astrology To Another Level, Using It As A Tool To Focus Within.

Just like the moon, Astrology has had many phases of popularity through out decades, the current phase doesn't seem so much of a phase but rather it's here to stay, thanks to astrologers like Yakari Gabriel-Torres from Stari Agency and KARIVISION.The self-taught, Entrepreneurial astrologer took her solitude seriously while in University in Europe and focused on herself; her curiosity awoke her knowledge in astrology, leading her to her current path. Gabriel-Torres has always had an Entrepeneurial spirit, she simply applied herself even more and found away to monetize her skills when she became a full-time astrologer two years ago.

I highly encourage anyone curious for a birth chart reading to book Yakari via Stari Agency so that you can use it as a tool to move your life forward. Stari Agency and KARIVISION are her ways of further stepping in to her power and structuring to monetize her talents. “I really want to focus on empowerment through Astrology and show people how much their lives can improve.. I use Astrology as a compass to bring people back home to themselves” expressed Yakari, in regards to her vision for her brand, over all.

Yakari's astrology readings focus on your strengths; based on your chart she dives into what your career path and life purpose aligns with. It is the type of reading that changes your life for the best (if you allow it to). I am speaking from personal experience! I have taken her astrological advice and have been implmenting it and I had already been seeing the benefits, even at the very beginning stages.

KARIVISION is a venture that's been brewing within Yakari for years — having a background in communications, marketing and acting, the serial Entrepeneur is no stranger to the limelight and what it takes to bring a production together. KARIVISION became official as of October of 2021 and will be focused on creating content, skits, short films, any type of educational and entertaining content to make Astrology a little more tangible for the masses. There is no denying that Yakari Gabriel-Torres is a force to be reckoned with and I am excited to continue seeing her growth.

Connect with Yakari Gabriel-Torres on Instagram to book an Astrology reading and begin living your truth, more than ever, today.

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