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Will Diaz Premieres "Five Percent" On YoutTube

New York artist Will Diaz premieres a new music video for his leading single "Five Percent". He dropped his latest project Started, and he's already creating a buzz for himself and his fanbase is growing fast. The video features the palmy California scenery and sunny blue skies. Will is seen walking in a blacked-out fresh fit, he then hops on the Spyder motorcycle while singing his lyrics. The song itself is a vibe, Will harmonizes in the adlibs creating an ambient sound. The video edits highlight Will and add a creative twist to the visuals. Will Diaz's new project has four awesome tracks. Stay tuned for more music and content from this artist and spread the word. The project Started is a must-hear.

Head over to YouTube and watch "Five Percent". Follow Will Diaz on social media

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