What This Week Holds for You and Your Sign


Your week ahead is all about creating balance in your life. So take a look at every realm of your existence; emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. So figure out how to create a balance in all these areas and ways to maintain it as well. Taurus:

This week you are being encouraged to start a new path or project you have thought about but never put into action. Take this week to start putting small steps into prospering that goal you have had in mind!


This week you should preserve your emotions and stay in control of them so that you can move forward without having yourself fall apart. When you have control of your emotions you are able to love more genuinely and deeply without having any side effects like detachment or resentment.


This week you will finally be able to let go of something you have had hanging over you for a long time. So take a moment to notice what you have had stopping you from creating a bright future for yourself, it won't be easy but all together will be the best thing for you to do once and for all. So let go and let that love in.


Partnership is in your front row for this week, so whether its romantic or platonic or professional ally, this relationship that you have started has a lot of potentiall to grow. So nurture this relationship and see how it goes!


You might have taken on too much to achieve a goal, now is the time to ask for some help or assistance in making it happen. It might be a hard thing for you to do but now is the time to enjoy life and not take on too much stress, so ask for a helping hand and see how your week becomes so much better.


This week is a great time to get out of your daily routine and try doing something new! it might seem comfortable staying inside what is most common to you but take a chance and do something you've always thought about and never did, there's so much life out there to explore!


This week is the best time to see where you should be putting your energy into and what is most important to you. You have been putting energy into any things at once so take a step back and choose what is worthy because at the end of the day your time is most valuable.


This week you must choose your battles wisely and see what is and what is not worth competing over for the long-term. Confrontation could come up for you this week so use your words wisely. Capricorn:

This week your stars are aligning and everything is as it should be, so take the time to appreciate everything you have in your life and all the blessings the universe has granted you.


This week is your time to confront any issues you have been dodging for a while and to face them head on! The time to deal with this matter is now!


This is a time to give your time and energy to others and reek the benefits the universe will bring you once you do! The most treasured gifts one can give are free so take this week to do your part!

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