"We Wear Pink" Benefits and Spiritual meaning behind the color.

You might of heard the phrase from the "Mean Girls" movie, "On Wednesdays we wear pink." I wanted to take a deeper look into what the color pink means and its affects on the human conscience. Pink has been associated with all things girly and delicate embracing feminine energy but what I have been able to study is the color pink universally is a color that soothes and brings compassion to the individual simply gazing at it or wearing it on themselves. It has been said to have reduced erratic behavior when used in settings such as hospitals and prisons. This color is a stimulant to our happiness feelings and when used in a brighter tense can bring even more joy to the individual! Crazy! I know.

Pink represents friendship ,affection, harmony, inner peace and approachability, signifying the benefits of wearing this color as a spiritual welcoming to another individual, reeking benefits of a potential friendship. So why not give it a try and mix up your wardrobe to throw some pink in there, the universe will most definitely love you for it. And for those of you that are a fan of crystals, the rose quartz is know for its light pink hue with powers of restoring harmony in relationships and giving waves of unconditional love through its essence. It is known to purify and open the heart chakra so if you have any problems with your self love or love life take a moment to meditate and realign yourself with your heart.

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