TikTok Booming In 2020

Most of you must know of a app called TikTok and the uproar it created this year in 2020, with a mix of dance clips, lip syncing and storytelling, it’s an amazing platform to zone out too. Personally I can spend hours scrolling through its content which seems to have no certain algorithm, with its wide variety it’s a great platform for people of all talents to spew their content and reach a audience that has now become worldwide. Businesses of nitch items have been able to grow their merchandise revenue by showing step by step process of how their item is made. Also models and entertainers have been able to make money through simply posting their content onto the platform and getting reached out to by brands who want to collaborate and take part in their high view count. TikTok is estimated to have over a billion users by the end of 2020, so who knows just how big this platform will be by next year!

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