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The Mysterious World of Marshall Davis

In the Desert Southwest, It's a melting pot of cultures you encounter from the high end side of Scottsdale to the wrecked areas of South Phoenix to the Hispanic streets of Guadalupe. If you ask so many people to describe their upbringing, you get so many different answers. Just a couple hours South, 15 minutes from the border in the small town of Somerton, the story is the same no matter what corner liquor store you loiter at. It's boring, its dangerous and no one makes it out. If you ask who's the closest to making it, you'll hear the name Marshall Davis.

Fresh off the release of his compilation tape with fellow AZ rapper JMZ JBZ, Davis has been keeping his Soundcloud audience well fed with recent singles like 'you' , 'Sixteen', and 'Heartbreak Story' w/ indie instrumentalist Gem Ivy while also gearing up to finally be able to perform again after covid took away the local shows for the summer, of which he regularly is a headliner. Other than these energetic showcases, you rarely see the 6ft MC towering above anyone in public, as he is usually holed up in a custom home studio recording verses or composing beats live for his IG audience. Davis has always stuck to lo-fi production to match the bare landscape of which he was raised, opting for subtle guitar and keyboard sounds over basic Dilla inspired drum patterns rather than the loud booming trap-pop sound you see flooding todays market.

A proud fan of The Most Dope Family, the Mac Miller-esque tone that graces these beats tells tales of long nights, failed families, and finding solace in alcohol and marijuana. Marshall started to gain recognition when his collaboration with WVNDRO titled 'Soul Speaks Spanish' started making waves at clubs and college campuses around the 928. He followed this up with his two-track Bad Fish EP, with the title track being a Soundcloud stand out. He was later chosen as a face for local clothing brand Rosic and started appearing in visuals supporting their events. As for 2020, He's quietly dropped 5 mini-mixtapes while promoting his recent project J.A.L.E.

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