Tampa Producer AY08 Releases EP "Tantrums"

Tampa based producer AY08 shares his approach to the new uprising drill sound with his debut EP, Tantrums. A quick but powerful project of three songs, AY08 continues to apply pressure on the local Tampa scene as well as making his mark within his growing audience. This EP is brought together with Fettisuo & Richie Guapo, well known associates

with whom AY08 has frequently worked with.

The memorizing 808 patterns & intensity of his kicks that you can really feel in your chest, its suffice to say he is truly bringing an original sound to the table that no other producer is right now. AY08 is expected to drop his debut producer mixtape later this year; something that will definitely make history within the city to say the absolute least. Stay tuned for more to come from this promising producer.

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