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Survival Guide For The Rarest Full Moon Since 1944: Blue Moon In Taurus On Halloween

Are you ready for an extra spooky-ooky-kooky Halloween this year?

On October 31st, 2020, there will be a special moon right above us! It will be the 2nd full moon of this month. This Saturday’s full moon is especially unusual because it’s rising on Halloween for the 1st time in 76 years since 1944!

Also, be prepared that it's going to be a blue moon as well! This only occurs every 2-3 years. PLUS this is going to be a micro-moon, meaning that the moon's orbit is the furthest away from Earth at this time!

Here's a survival guide for this Micro-Blue Full Moon:

***Disclaimer: take only what resonates***

  1. Full moons tend to bring mayhem when it comes to miscommunications or mishappenings. So be aware before making plans for this holiday.

  2. Be open to change, since this Full Moon is aligned with Uranus, it is the planet of rapid change that can come with sudden realizations. Don't be scared! Embrace it and step out of your comfort.

  3. With the full moon in Taurus, you maybe feel open about pleasure more than usual, so listen to what your body is communicating

  4. Since Uranus is aligned with the Taurus moon they're maybe an unexpected romance coming into your life

  5. This is a great time to stay focused on your values

  6. Be aware of new information that is going to finally come to light. Full Moons love exposing to help you get the closure you probably didn't even know you needed!

  7. This is the PERFECT time to release any heavy boulders on your shoulders. With 2 full moons, Mercury retrograde, this month you may have felt sluggish. It ok to get rest during these times! Don't feel bad about it.

  8. Make a list of anything that you think is holding you from being the best you, commit to letting these things go, light the paper on fire with this intention (safely)

  9. Lastly, just go with the flow! This blue full moon will feel grounding and have exciting twists and turns. Keep your heart and mind open for new opportunities to replace the old ones.

Most importantly, have a safe, fun, and eye-opening Halloween!

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