Sultry Singer SELINA Releases New Single "DELICATE"

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

R&B Songstress SELINA has released another melodic & sultry single titled “DELICATE.” The beat was produced by Drew Brown — after a fateful digital encounter with his work, she reached out to him to collaborate on a song, and here we have the astonishing results. “When I initially first heard the beat, I immediately felt sultry tones masking a level of pain hidden underneath” expressed SELINA. She drew inspiration for the song from the beat itself, hypnotized by it she played it over and over again as she always freestyled some lyrics. One of the things which draws me to her sound is how easily she can paint a picture for us sonically. The song’s theme comes from her perspective of painful love, highlighting how easy it is to mask that pain on a daily basis, even from the ones you love the most.

The song speaks of a paradise lost in the form of romantic love. We tend to romanticize those at times which mirror the things we must work on within ourselves rather than our strengths. The visual beautifully adds to the message of the song. SELINA is an artist who allows her vulnerability to shine through her lyricism and unique tone in her vocals. She delightfully enhances her message with visuals that match her sultry vibes. I am so excited to see what else she’s working on for 2021. She has the potential to reach great heights by 2022!

Click here to watch the music video for "DELICATE"

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