• Yuni Morales

Stasi Releases Breathtaking Song Titled "Fool Me Twice"

Singer-songwriter, Stasi returns with a soulful new single "Fool Me Twice". Singing over a strumming guitar, Stasi leads with soft vocals as she sets the tone. She gradually tells her story of heartbreak, diving deep into her emotions to convey this beautiful masterpiece. On "Fool Me Twice," Stasi shows her vulnerability and ability to capture the bittersweet feelings that come along with the end of a relationship. The track has a soft yet powerful instrumental to which prompted her to immediately begin writing to it. The track has a soulful, bluesy sound that really draws the emotion out of the listener and taking us into Stasi's world. Surprisingly, this is only her third record so far, Stasi has plans to release more music before the year is over.

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