SOUTH FLORIDA MEDIA GANG Proudly Presents KENDALLvzHIALEAH Miami’s 1st Official Verzuz Battle of the Hoodz, December 13th, 2020 – 6:30 pm,

streaming live from TECHNIQUE RECORDS (click here to stream) -

#SFMG (SoFloMediaGang) is hosting the 1st ever “Verzuz Style” battle between two of Miami’s biggest communities.

Representing KENDALL: 8ch2Owens aka RUDY BARRO of WVCC Radio / Vice City Cypher will be presenting 20 of the Hottest Hip Hop Singles recorded by Kendall Artist & Producers VS Representing HIALEAH: Orion aka Brass Balls of WDDH Radio Podcast / Whut Dey Do, will be providing 20 of the Best Hip Hop Jams Hialeah has blessed us with throughout the years.

More than a test to see which scene’s Artist, Producers, and the overall sound is “BETTER”, #SFMG is using this series to shine a light on the rich history that can be found throughout Miami when it comes to Hip Hop Music and Culture, which spans over 4 Decades. Join us in Celebrating this Legacy, the years of hard work and passion that went into making our city not only a destination with great Food, Nightlife, and Tourist Attractions but a City full of timeless Original music as well.

The only question is….Who are you riding with on December 13th? Kendall or Hialeah?? See you there!!!

Streaming Live on Twitch, click here! (DL the Free TWITCH App for the best experience)

#SFMG #SoFloMediaGang is the Alliance of 5 of Miami’s most active Podcasters and Online Content Providers, HUMAN SUSHI, BREWS BEATS N EATS, WDDH RADIO PODCAST, WVCC - CYPH LYFE RADIO & US vs THE BUFF. We are dedicated to bringing exposure to all the cool stuff in South Florida’s Hip Hop Subcultures that most people are oblivious to, providing a platform for these artists to be heard.

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