"Song Exploder" Our Inside Look Into Our Favorite Hits

A music podcast created by Hrishikesh Hirway this biweekly show features our favorite musicians deconstructing their top hits. Showing where their inspiration derived from to the a beat by beat process and notes from the producers themselves as well. A lot of the songs that we thought were so meticulously planned out were actually made in the spur of the moment, for example the episode with Alicia Keys shows backstage footage of their entire recording session and how she came up with her lyrics to "3 hour drive" Showing how she fed from the phrase "3 hour drive" and came up with an entire song featuring Sampha which in the show Alicia explains how Sampha was not even there to record on the song and when he came up with his verse on the spot they insisted on having him as a part of the song.

This show is a great documentary series for those of you up and coming producers and singers who need some inspiration and motivation on creating your next hit single! I also feel like everyone should document their process of creating music and show how a word or beat turns into something so grand and spectacular. The process of making music and being able to explain to others how it is done is not a brand new concept but the movement this show brings to the Netflix platform is entirely new and refreshing to its audience. Who knows, maybe you will be their next featured star..

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