• Yuni Morales

Solus! Drops Highly-Anticipated Visual For "Skyhouse Stripped" (Directed by Sam Bullard)

Recording artist Solus! has released a beautiful melodic masterpiece with "Skyhouse Stripped." The official music video for the track eloquently parallels the song - making it an entire experience. The visual was directed by @sambullard444 and was filmed in three different states: NYC, VA, and NJ. The original version of "Skyhouse" was meant to be a paradoxical concept leaning more towards a happier vibe driven by the upbeat instrumental and vocal style which makes the lyrics of heartbreak hidden underneath the instrumental; on "Skyhouse Stripped" it is a complete shift of emotion.

Solus! shows more vulnerability on "Skyhoue Stripped," the more melodramatic beat emphasizes what's truly underneath it all, the melancholic feeling of a love drifting apart. The beautiful track couldn't have been pieced together without the efforts of Zabi Gulban for creating the guitar, piano, and bass melody, Jhaivic Conner for his orchestral arrangement, and Cullen Bullard for the master. Solus! vocals are dreamy and misty, a modern RnB sound with a hint of 2000's RnB flare. Solus! is stacking up content, music, and visuals in the vault and prepping for a very consistent 2022. I'm excited to see what more is to come from this amazing DMV-based talent.

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