• Chelsey

SKY LUCA$ Releases New Visual For "Lone Lucas"

Sky Luca$ is an artist from Gainesville, Florida. This visual first starts with a couple seemingly catching up on life, but then the woman in the video gets a call from "Sky" who seems to be her main boo trying to get a hold of her... The first man in the video first seems to be with her, but then it's obvious that he's just her side bae.

The next part of the visual is when Sky "pops off" by popping up full or gore and blood and scares the living f*ck out of them both coming out of nowhere. The music video continues him performing his heart out about how he can't trust women. While this is going on Sky's girl and her side bae are running from him as he chases them dripping in blood out to kill. Both of them - he's ready to commit a crime of passion for this love.

In the last part of the visual Sky screams "now I'm on my own" implying he left them especially his boo for dead due to loyalty. He explains, that he had to find himself after he lost her also mentioning he can't trust anyone and that he's heartbroken for her unfaithfulness. He flexes the song saying she wants him back, but he has a new girl to show the world so f*ck her!

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