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Singing Bowl Therapy: Jhené Aiko

You may be asking yourselves "What are singing bowls?"

For centuries, music & vibration have been used to promote healing for the mind, body, & soul. Singing bowls can come in various metals such as, silver, mercury, copper, tin, lead, or iron and can also be made out of quartz crystals since they are able to be crushed and heated at very high temperatures. These mystical instruments when struck or scraped these bowls make certain frequencies that can tap into certain parts of our bodies and brain to create a relaxing, hypnotic, or psychedelic experience relieving mental or physical distress.

Jhené Aiko began her career in music video appearances. She has always been very open about her spiritual journey through her music and social media also has made it very clear that her goal is to heal her audience through her art of using singing bowls.

Jhené submerged herself into the tradition of sound healing in her album last album and she integrated the vibrational hum of crystal singing bowls into every track of "Chilombo".

Here are the frequencies (Hz) used for healing your Chakra's:

1st Root Chakra – 396Hz – Survival (red)

2nd Sacral Chakra – 417Hz – Creativity (orange)

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra – 528 Hz – Power (yellow)

4th Heart Chakra – 639 Hz – Love (green)

5th Throat Chakra – 741 Hz – Expression (blue)

6th Thrird-Eye Chakra – 852 Hz – Intuitution (indigo)

7th Crown Chakra – 963 Hz – Spiritual Connection (violet)

This is very impressing as a listener that I am able to heal unknowingly by just listening to her music. In the future, I hope other artists implement this graceful instrument to heal the world!

Click here to watch Jhené Aiko heal us with singing bowls!

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