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Singer Emily Ronna Releases Tell-All Single, "Breathe"

Updated: May 2, 2021

Emily Ronna is gaining traction with her recent releases. Emily is a singer/songwriter from Tennessee, she has been staying consistent with her releases and content, giving her supporters major content. She dropped her latest single "Breathe" with a visual premiering on YouTube. Emily's style and the way she delivers her lyrics are passionate and powerful.

The song itself is definitely a sad song, she talks about being down and the emotions someone may feel while being alone. The slow rhythm of her voice, especially in the verse, makes you really listen and hear her pain. This is a great song for those long road-trips and late 2am thoughts all alone in the bedroom. Emily Ronna exceeds any expectations with this new release and she plans to release more music and content throughout 2021.

Keep up with Emily Ronna on Instagram and check out the visualizer for "Breathe"

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