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Shy Billz Shining In Visual "VVS" Out On YouTube

Rising artist Shy Billz from Brooklyn, NY has seen recent success and is continuing to grow.

A visual to see is "VVS" official music video. Shy Billz is off to a fast pace, with his video climbing well over 300,000 views on YouTube. The video features Shy performing the lyrics while posted, counting money per usual. Surprisingly, he's only 19 years old! Shy's music influences are his family's background and his upbringing in a studio owned by his family. Shy is an extremely versatile artist with multiple genres in his catalog. The production of the track highlights Shy's vocal in the perfect way and the ambient adlibs make you feel dreamy while he raps, but more so flows on the track. Shy Billz is just getting started, I see a lot of potential in this youth, we would love to see what's next from this artist.

Find the video to "VVS" on YouTube and stream more Shy Billz on Spotify

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