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Rapper Kodak Whyte Drops New Visual "Prevail"

Artist LDE Whyte (Kodak Whyte) drops a brand new visual titled "Prevail". Whyte is a Georgia-based artist and has been releasing music over the years, building a fan base and buzz for himself. The video features Whyte performing his lyrics with exotic models dancing around a pool and keeping the vibe high.

The visual edits of the video keep the viewer engaged and involved. The animation and the video style, shot by TURTLEMOV, allows Whyte's personality to shine through, as he spits his lyrics. With his casual demeanor and the way he performs, Whyte definitely has the aesthetic and the presence to be successful in an industry like this.

Musically, he flexes with lyrics, and sends a message of dedication to not only himself, but his fans and supporters. The track has a natural bounce to it, this is a great track for turning up a party or a show. We would love to see more from this artist in the future.

TKeep up with LDE Whyte on IG and head over to YouTube and watch "Prevail" the video.

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