• Yuni Morales

PXS EXCLUSIVE: Getting To Know Florida Based Producer No. 22

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Florida-based producer, No. 22 is focused and ready to show his growing audience his full potential. The 25-year-old began producing Hip-Hop and RnB in 2012 and has evolved exponentially ever since. Not only is he diligent and focused in the studio but also on the field!

The talented producer also plays baseball, he has been playing independent professional baseball for the past three years. Throughout his production career, No. 22 has released 12 instrumental projects via Bandcamp which show case his growing talents; be sure to click here to check out the projects.

No. 22 will be releasing a new EP on July 22nd titled For You. For You will feature vocalists such as Rick Brown, Shon Weathers & Emily Shai. Stay tuned for its release and much more to come from this promising thriving producer.

Connect with No. 22 on Instagram for more of his latest updates.

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