PXS EXCLUSIVE: Chew Chewy Is Proving To Be The Most Promising Label To Sign To In 2021

It’s no coincidence that Chew Chewy is one of the most magnetic labels in 2021. They are based from Detroit, Michigan but have a network which expands worldwide. They manage artists such as Shy Killer, JayDaYoungan, Santino & more. With Deonte Cooper as the leader of the pack, Chew Chewy is showing no signs of stopping in 2021 and beyond! Chew Chewy artists just got off of the Big 23 Tour. Shy Killer has just released a song with Flint, Michigan break out artist Krispy Life Kidd called "Armed and Dangerous" it's already amassed over 20k streams in under a week!

Chew Chewy's most recent edition GMT has released a song called "Location" featuring Rio Da Yung OG which has amassed over 82k plays on streaming giant Spotify. Santino just got a a placement on Zoie's Extraordinary Playlist on NBC. To name another victory under the labels belt, 51B just inked a tv deal to host the tv version of his TikTok segment DM Enomics. These are just a few of the amazing accomplishments Chew Chewy and their artists have made in 2021 thus far! Who is to know what other grand accomplishments they have under their belt for 2021! Only way to find out is to toon in and follow Chew Chewy's journey.

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