Pudge Capone Releases Impactful Single "Knock Me Down"

Pudge Capone has released a new single titled "Knock Me Down" - An ode to facing adversity head-on, getting up and pushing forward, no matter what. The Lebanon, Pennsylvania native is no stranger to adversity himself and choosing to persevere. It was those experiences that led him to express himself creatively, first as a DJ (he was also an artist manager at the time, simultaneously) and now as an artist. His move in 2016 to Washington Heights, NY was pivotal in his growth within the music industry. During his time being a DJ & artist manager he was spending time at shows and studios with Spanish music artists such as Lemagicc, Atuedadvasegui, DJ Lobo, El Mayor, Lito Kirino, & Ozuna to name a few.

He eventually gave up DJing and began to pursue his career as an artist, releasing his first song “They Ain’t Believe” on January 25, 2019 (which just so happens on his mother’s birthday) & a week after her unfortunate passing. He is steadily building his catalog with up to 10 songs now and has features with artists like FatBoy SSE & Lil Rekk. “Coming from a small town, tryna make it out in the music industry is like finding a needle in a haystack” observes Pudge. It’s his first year in the rap game and he has already opened for artists such as Pop Smoke (R.I.P), Lil Durk, King Von (R.I.P), Yella Beezy & 22gz. He has a bunch of projects on the way for 2021, stay tuned for more to come from this fast-rising star!

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