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Producer Dready 85er Collaborates with HEEZYUNO On "My Sins"

Dready 85er is a music producer from Munich, Germany. Being overseas, he capitalizes on every opportunity that comes his way. For instance, Dready has worked with many well-known producers such as Lex Luger, Swede & Gezin of 808 Mafia, HighDefRazjah, etc. His latest work consists of a single "My Sins" by HEEZYUNO. HEEZYUNO and Dready On The Beat already have a collection of music and are working on more upcoming music. Building artist/producer relationships are essential in today's world and Dready is aware of it.

In "My Sins" you can hear melodies behind the claps and 808s, flowing nicely with the artist's vocals. To create the beat, he linked up with Alldaynightshift, who also is a producer from Germany. He has a website to preview his content and he has much more in store, collaborating with producers and artists all across the country. Stay tapped in with Dready if you need fire beats for an upcoming project or single of your own. `

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