Prime Society Releases Impactful Visual For "Plans"

The Phoenix, AZ supergroup, Prime Society, returns to our pages with an impactful visual for their single “Plans.” The song speaks about the injustices the black community face in a society that claims to be inclusive. A society that continuously places profits over people in the name of “the higher good,” continuously degrading the black community in particular for reasons that will not ever be known — there is just no logic tied to the mistreatment other than internal conflict “eluding” the oppressor.

Group member J. Reid is usually Prime Society’s producer, but on “Plans” he gets a chance to add his voice to the ongoing dialogue surrounding racism, inequality & injustice — themes that unfortunately run rampant in the black community. The track essentially details the MC’s inner fight between wanting a successful music career and fighting for the bigger picture, to end inequality, injustice & racism.

J. Reid questions his future, “What is my plan, I don’t understand? How am I focused on me when I see the TV and they’re killing us dead in the streets?” J. Reid ends the track with a unifying perspective saying “Put up your hands, no put up a fist. They’re saying this S**t’s politics, but it really is just common sense.” The music video was directed by Martin Gonzalez and looks more like a movie, they took a cinematic approach to this music video which i thoroughly enjoy. “Plans” is on Prime’s newest project Know Your Worth, Now & Forever , which is out now!

Click here to watch the music video for “Plans” now!

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