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Pop’s Rockstar Victory Brooks Opens Up About Her Sexual Fluidity In Her New Single "E-Girl"

Originally discovered as a rock guitar player, Victory Brooks was reborn as a highly stylized artist. Her music reflects a wide range of influences: signature pop-leaning vocals, genre-blending instrumentations sprinkled with guitar riffs, and unapologetic lyrics. Victory's new single "E-Girl" inspired by a past relationship, Victory talks about finding herself attracted to an e-girl. To top it all off, Victory brought in a Russian superstar engineer Mishwa T-B, whose works appeared on the ‘Apple Music Top 10: Russia’ chart multiple times in 2021.’

Victory wrote the hook of the song in her bedroom with just a guitar. “I posted a short clip of me playing the hook on Instagram, I remember not being sure of how people would perceive it as the topic is not something I was ever open about” expressed Victory about the writing process for "E-Girl". Fast forward to a month later, Victory Brooks and Drew Louis turned it into a full song. "E-Girl" was recorded in Russia during Victory's long stay there during the pandemic. I am so excited to see what's to come from this promising international pop star!

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