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PB Mogul Drops Official Music Video For "My Way" Featuring WhiteRoaches

PB Mogul is a recording artist who is on the rise! His latest single "My Way" featuring WhiteRoaches is absolutely the positive, uplifting type of song we all need! I am honestly so impressed with this song, it reminds me of the Macklemore days- sunnier, brighter rap with a very substantial message behind it. On the track "My Way" PB Mogul found a fun, direct way to say f*ck you to the naysayers! I love how empowering and positive the song is, the message is quite clear: DO YOU and mind yours!

The song is almost like a mantra - funny enough the producer of the beat is called Mantra (@beatsbymantra). The song is accompanied by a quirky music video that you can watch below. The official music video for "My Way' was directed by Karen1TV. The Utica, NY native plans to release a collab. EP Rejects & Dreamers (you can find "My Way" on the upcoming EP), along with more singles, features, freestyles, and live performances leading up to the release of my highly anticipated debut album which is set to drop in 2022!

A memorable line on "My Way" is "Keep your opinion to yourself cuz I ain't tryna hear it, this aint for y'all this for my family and myself, and I won't stop at all til theres a grammy on my shelf." That line goes so hard! I absolutely love the power and determination behind the message in "My Way" and the way PB Mogul and WhiteRoaches deliver the messages. I am so excited for the future of this rising recording artist.

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