Paapa-Berchie Releases New Project "O.P.E.R.A"

Putting Crofton, Maryland on the map, Paapa-Berchie presents a spin on the typical assumption of what hip-hop really means. Growing up singing his whole life, he presents a gospel-type approach to hip-hop. Realizing his authentic yet intriguing sound started to catch an audience, he started experimenting with various beats ranging from classic rock to hip-hop to opera with the intention to produce a masterpiece every time. Combining his voice and unique beats, listeners rave how astounding the vibe is work gives off.

Starting off last year, Berchie dropped his first single “Dreams” followed by “The Throne” and “So Bad”. Recently he has released his sophomore EP titled O.P.E.R.A or “Only Player Ever to Reign Always”. One of his songs of his latest EP, “Hometown”, is currently going viral on Tik-Tok and Instagram thanks to the #hometownchallenge created by Nikolas Wilde, Brakayla Rollinson, and Breylin Alexander. Hoping that his vibrant, distinct sound takes you on a personal journey, Berchie hopes he can begin a new meaning to what hip-hop music looks like. Make sure to check out Berchie and his latest EP, O.P.E.R.A, which is out now on all streaming platforms.

Stream O.P.E.R.A via Spotify to become a fan today!

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