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PA-Based Artist Spills Drops Hot New Single "Pretty Little Liars" On YouTube

Pennsylvania-based independent artist Spills releases a brand new single titled "Pretty Little Liar". The song brings out heartbreak vibes as Spills talks about a past breakup. His flow and bars go hand in hand together, complimenting each other to create the sound. Spills has an indie rock style. His vocals are highlighted and heightened through the production. The adlibs blend the empty spaces perfectly and add to the overall theme of the song. This song touches parts of the heart we would rather keep tucked away and hidden, Spills shows his ability to capture emotions and translate them into music.

Spills has had his fair share of painful love experiences. "This song's inspiration was from a relationship I was in back when I was 17-19 years old, she really was an amazing girl in a lot of ways but one of her biggest flaws was her consistent lying and dishonesty" Spills shares. We all have unpleasant memories thinking of our past partners and changes we wish we would have made to change the outcome. Spills shows his resilience and that he can bounce back from any setback, love, or no love.

Having an ear for music is important in today's industry, Spills shares some of his creative process on how the record first came to be stating "Once I heard the beat I knew it was a smash and recorded it at Rotation Records in the Heart of Norristown PA." Spills linked up with Doughso who has produced for artists like Young Pappy, Lil Shawn, and more. Spills is already looking at release dates for his new music. His single Stop My Stressing" is his next single he plans to release. Stay tuned with this artist and watch his spill!

Stream his latest single "Pretty Little Liar" on YouTube and keep up with Spills on Instagram

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