Ozzy Apollo "To Die In Vice City"

Ozzy Apollo is 21 from North Miami Beach. He is a local creative on the scene who is dropping his new EP "To Die In Vice City" next week. I asked him what his inspiration behind this album was and he quotes, "It really is a self reflection album deeply inspired by albums like Yeezus. Almost an ignorant tone as I transition into a new style. The meaning of the EP is basically me killing off my old style and running with this new one, besides the obvious message being that I'm 305 till I die. It took us about a year to see it's completion because we wanted to get it right." He goes on to tell me how his project showcases his skill and flow over an aggressive production from local engineers such as Slim Steelo, Bobby Fresh, J.D. and Mercy 99. His drives through Wynwood and Downtown before the pandemic inspired the tone and image for this album, how much more Miami can you get! This album I'm really looking forward to as well because he is representing the Latin-American community being that he is half Colombian and Salvadorian. The cover for the album was shot by his manager Mango who is also the executive producer of the project. So stay tuned and give him a follow to stay updated with his content! instgram handle: @trustozzy

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