Ozzy Apollo Releases Highly Anticipated Album "To Die In Vice City"

North Miami Beach-based artist Ozzy Apollo has released a new EP titled To Die in Vice City. "It is a self-reflection of the chaotic mind of an individual through intricate ignorant lyrics and flows" describes Ozzy Apollo about his debut project. On To Die in Vice City, you will find production by mainly Miami-based producers except for one, Thespian which is Canadian.

Ozzy Apollo's best friend, J.D. engineered the whole album and even produced the tracks "WTF!!" and "Tommy Vercetti". "I was deeply inspired by albums like Kanye West's Yeezus and Lil Wayne's Funeral. I'd have to say they're my biggest inspirations" exclaimed Ozzy. This album is a high-energy rollercoaster inspired by Miami nightlife, and it's a concept he's been working on since he was 15! The project was originally supposed to be called Panoramic City -The album, however, did not begin official production until December of 2019 and was in the works until September 22, 2020.

Ozzy is focused and already working on his next set of singles to drop in 2021 (also working on the next project). Ozzy Apollo is managed by @mvngjuice out of Miami, Florida. Stay tuned for much more to come from this amazingly talented artist as he continues to awe audiences and take over not only locally, but globally.

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