Nia Ray Has An Important Question For Us "What's Love Anyways" On Her Latest Project

Nia Ray unleashes her EP, What's Love Anyways. Nia Ray's inaugural EP builds on the success of her single, and accompanying music video, "Lowkey," which was released earlier this year. 

What's Love Anyways is a reflection of Nia Ray's experiences with love. The 6-song EP takes listeners on a journey through the mind of someone struggling in their relationship. The EP commences with the funky, upbeat track, "Sober," which represents the butterflies felt when one first falls in love. It then dives past the honeymoon phase and continues down a slippery slope of emotions, ending with the [abbreviated] titular song, "WLA." "Relationships are hard, but people always make love seem so easy." Nia Ray continues, "I’m sure you’ve found yourself wondering, 'I thought love was supposed to be this and that, could this be love that I'm feeling?' Well...what’s love anyways?"

Nia Ray's sultry, mellifluous tone and heartfelt, relatable lyrics makes for an EP void of a skippable song. The songstress soon plans to release some visuals to bring the EP to life. Stay tuned for updates. Anyways, be prepared to fall in love with What's Love Anyways.

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