• Yuni Morales

Music Producer Candy G Beats Plans On Ending 2021 With A Bang, Releases Beat Tape "CANDYLAND"

Candy G Beats is a producer from Chicago, Illinois. His latest release is a well-put-together, four-track beat tape titled "Candy Land". Tracks like "Sugar Rush" and "Sweet Tooth" highlight his unique sound. Sporadic high hats and hard-hitting 808's are what stand out the most, which gives the artist amazing energy and creates pockets for their lyrics. He knows how to bring together the right instruments to complement each other. He also places ambient background noise giving the beat a "bigger than life" feel.

Candy G has been making music since 2018 and has since put countless hours of dedication into his craft. His Hip-Hop style beats are trendy but also unique, creating his own original sound. He has been heating up quickly and making a name for himself collaborating with other local talents. He has plans to release more beat projects and continue networking and building up his brand. Keep a lookout for this producer on the rise on future tracks and projects coming soon.

Connect with Candy G Beats on Instagram for more of his latest updates.

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