MUSA MAAZ Returns With A Significant Single 'Evil Thoughts'

"For a while, it was hard to process betrayal. You have all these negative thoughts running through your mind, I felt like my back was against the wall..." - MUSA MAAZ

MUSA MAAZ returns with another hit titled 'Evil Thoughts,' which centers around a true life event, a hard truth he had to accept. At some point or another in our lives, we have had to accept a hard truth; sometimes people aren't who they seem to be. The song speaks about a time in his life when he had to accept the betrayal of someone he once considered a brother. In true artist fashion, he turned an unnecessary experience into something meaningful with this song. 'Evil Thoughts' is part of MUSA's upcoming EP They Call me MUSA. The CEO of Live Free Label knows he has some ways to go to rise to the top, but he is more than willing to keep the consistency going for his growing audience. I am thrilled to continue to see MUSA's growth as an artist who has immense potential.

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