• Yuni Morales

Monde Releases Ultimate Feel-Good Track "LA"

West Coast-based recording artist, Monde has released an undeniably feel-good anthem with his latest, "LA." His crisp vocals come in over the struck guitar strings, giving the track its feel-good vibes. Monde smoothly transitions into the second verse, switching up to a more hip-hop/rap flow and cadence. When I listen to this track, 'LA" I could see a nice party and a few young folks cruising to this.

“I made the song LA after listening to an album that came out around that time and instantly I got inspired; I came across a talented producer by the name of McX and I knew I had something to write to it” expressed Monde about the creative process for "LA." This is a perfect song for any party or outing setting. Monde will continue releasing music and building his catalog throughout 2021.

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If you want to have an awesome day, stream "LA" via Spotify.

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