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Millie Gibson Takes Her Sound To The Next Level On "Tell Me (It's You)"

New York-based Singer-Songwriter Millie Gibson releases a new visual from her most recent single titled "Tell Me (It's You)". This track is about realizing your own anxiety first and the mental and emotional elements associated with it. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of what is believed to be happening externally around you. The style and flow keep the listener hooked as she vocalizes and produces beautiful harmonies. The soft instruments help support the loving energy of Millie as she carries her vocals across the track. Soon we will discover that all that happens comes from within, which emphasizes Millie's message that power lies within the individual.

With such a powerful song, there had to be an equally powerful visual as well. The inspiration for the video is to be very organic, using Earth tones, correlated with a foundation for growth. Millie displays her creative dance skills as she and three other girls use a series of arm and body movements to embody the message of the lyrics.

The most enjoyable part about listening to and watching Millie Gibson is her passion and her energy. She expresses herself with ease and lights the way for all who search to understand themselves and their experiences. Millie plans to release an EP by the spring of 2022. Her next show will be on October 1st at Bushwick Public House in Brooklyn, NY. Keep up with Millie as she continues to release more music and visuals throughout the year.

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Music Video Credits:

Director: María Fernanda Díez

Executive Producer: María Fernanda Díez

Production Designer: Millie Gibson + María Fernanda Díez

Videographer: Rasheed Ingram

Video Editor: Mal Sounds

Video Colorist: Alan De Leon Taverna

Chorographer: Millie Gibson

MUA: Mia Dondero

Talent: Reise Hooper, Norlette Nichols, María Fernanda Diéz

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