MilesPerHour Releases New Track 'Deep End'

MilesPerHour has released a new single titled "Deep End." The track has a west coast vibe to it and the track was produced and engineered by Jonah Conrad. "Deep End" comes off the heels of his collaboration with Joshua Flores on his single "Take You Home." Miles is focused on releasing singles throughout the summer to keep the momentum going. The hook exclaims "I've been floating on the deep end" - a track that speaks for itself, Miles describes his everyday attitude and how whether it's friendship or a romantic partner, he is simply doing his best to keep moving forward no matter the circumstances. "The hook came about so naturally... I just kind of started saying it into the mic, and we went with it.." expressed Miles; during the time Miles wrote this song that is exactly how he was feeling. Show this budding artist some love and stream "Deep End" below!

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