Miami's Marlounsly Releases New Single "Lie Again"

Marlounsly is back with a summer banger titled, “Lie Again.” “Lie Again” is about how one lie could be someone’s breaking point. “I felt like I was directing a movie when I wrote this!”

Marlounsly’s latest hit single, “Honey,” got a ton of buzz. So much so that it got the attention of MTV, prompting MTV to post Marlounsly on its Instagram page and MTV had Marlounsly perform on their Instagram Live. “Lie Again” is a funky R&B jam produced by Noden that showcases Marlounsly’s powerful, silky vocals that fans have become accustomed to hearing from the songstress.

Marlounsly continues to demonstrate her musical prowess and proves that she is on par with the greats. Although the year may be winding down, Marlounsly still has a lot more in store. The songbird promises to end 2020 on a high note. Listen to “Lie Again” via Spotify. Stay tuned for more to come from this promising rising star.

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