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Memphis Artist Suaz Delivers Mega Talent On "CONSTANTLY" Featuring Andre Young

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Photo credit(s): Chase Wolfe (prodwolfe)

Recording artist Suaz delivers a brand new single titled "CONSTANTLY" featuring Cali-based artist Andre Young. The ultra-talented upcoming artist writes, records, and engineers everything himself in his own home studio. That's astonishing to me because the quality of sound on "CONSTANTLY" is so crisp it truly emphasizes how talented Suaz is.

Suaz is originally from Memphis, TN, and began to take his music career seriously from the age of 17. Now at 19 years old, he is more focused than ever and putting the pedal to the medal. "CONSTANTLY" showcases a tale about how it could feel to find "the one." Suaz & Andre Young freestyled their verses, it's almost unbelievable because of how fluid the track is.

"CONSTANTLY" is Suaz's first track since the beginning of the year; he released "Worst Way." After experiencing an unfortunate car accident that left him healing for most of the year, halting his creative process, he is now back and stronger than ever on this track.

Suaz is steadily working and has a track titled "STARS" with artist Perxeuz and will follow that one up with solo singles.

Suaz likes to remain open when it comes to genres and simply create what he feels. "And I cant move on cause Is not you and me", is a heartfelt line you can hear Andre singing, it's a direct way of saying, this is where I am and I know that I won't get this chance again. Suaz has the talent and drive that's necessary to make it in today's music industry and I'm excited to observe and support his growth as an artist.

Click here to stream "CONSTANTLY" via Spotify.

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