• Yuni Morales

Mcknnly Releases New Single "We Fucked Up"

Twin Cities artist Mcknnly releases mesmerizing new single We Fucked Up. The single offers a timeless New Age take on classic 60’s American pop ballad about a situation where two parties have come to the respectful conclusion that they’ve both contributed to the demise of the relationship they once had. The lyrics tell a story where the two remain hopeful that despite the past, they could still be cool and potentially rekindle what once was, but in a different light. Honest, tender and relatable, the song is brought to life through Mcknnly's stirring vocals. This is the second release from singer-songwriter Mcknnly, born and raised in the Twin Cities, now based in Los Angeles. His first single, That's On Me is available on all major platforms. Mcknnly plans to release a couple more singles with an EP on the way.

To keep up with Mcknnly you can follow him on Instagram @Mcknnly.

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