• Yuni Morales

We Highlight MAK's Hottest Single To Date "Dopamine" From New EP "Lucid Dream"

It’s the Return of the MAK, out with his single “Dopamine” from his latest EP Lucid Dream. MAK strikes back with an infectious melody, a lively instrumental and a stunning guitar solo by Neal Rosenthal; all produced by Yonatan Watts. This Brooklyn pop singer’s new track delivers a shot of dopamine to the brain, his ethereal vocals float over the atmospheric synths and dynamic percussion transcend listeners to a higher place as he mentions in his opening lines.

MAK's latest project "Lucid Dream" adds on to his discography bringing in waves of emotions with all nine tracks. He centers this project with his final single "Dopamine" being the apex of the album. The track doesn’t just end there “Dopamine” has a unique live version as well with a full arrangement at the end of the album with a video available to watch on YouTube now. The live version taps into a whole new sound with rock and alternative influences mixed in with MAK performing on the beaches of Montauk. There’s no doubt that MAK’s “Dopamine” along with his EP “Lucid Dream” will take you through a journey. Check them both out now on streaming platforms everywhere.

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