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Mainstream Music Is Getting Boring

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

There's not much of an elaborate explanation for the title of this piece and you don't have to dig deep to see what an abysmal existence the radio-friendly music scene is in. From the repetitive features of DaBaby, Gunna, and Meg Thee Stallion to the constant tags of producers like Jetsonmade and F1LTHY, you will notice that music is trying to follow a pattern that kept it alive during the pandemic but will not survive in a free world where people can return to traveling and experience there favorite songs in new settings. A&R's from various labels and companies have been scrapping for placements with artist that are well established and are moving further and further away from discovering new artist, opting instead to discover new ways to repackage old releases and capitalize on songs and albums that have already reached millions of streams on DSPs.

Even worse is that new artists are taking notice of this 'copy and paste' trend of release and are inspired by these artists putting out lackluster projects, often mimicking their flows and voices over similar beat selection. Artists such as SoFaygo and Ken Car$on have been hailed as the next up in the rap world even though each individual's sounds are heavily influenced by Soundcloud pioneers like Playboi Carti and Lil Uzi. This has done nothing but actually boost their relevance in the scene with SoFaygo recently signing to Travis Scott's Cactus Jack imprint and Carson being scouted by Playboi Carti himself for his bubbling Opium label. Even the producers behind the internet hits we find on YouTube and TikTok have taken most of their style from Carti's infamous collaborator Pierre Bourne and Philly- based collective WorkingOnDying, who the aforementioned F1LTHY is a part of. The latest of these 'clones' as they are often referred to is the quick rising Cochise, who just dropped a video with Cole Bennett for his single 'Tell Em' featuring $not. Immediately, you notice a high-pitched almost baby-like delivery from the rapper that although is his signature sound, it's far from original.

In conclusion, finding new music outside of some indie standouts like pop rap newcomer Por$h Bets and the Griselda affiliated Mach Hommy has been a hassle. Most years, I try to look forward to any album where expectations are low to non-existent and yet this year I've been more anxious for the annual Drake release than anything else. You would think over a year of staying mostly indoors would bring the creativity out of artists but instead it's brought more of an unfortunate truth. People are not inspired to be different anymore.

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