M Dot Taylor Doesn't Plan On Stopping Anytime Soon

M Dot Taylor is a rapper/singer who is focused on his career, family, and goals. He is a military veteran (Navy) who is now dedicating his time to music after giving 5 years of his life to the military. "I realize the music industry is dominated by the artists that work the hardest, so I use that as fuel to go hard in every aspect in life, not just music" expressed M Dot Taylor. The Detroit Michigan native began writing when he was 10 but began recording at 12 years old.

"Growing up in Detroit, no matter who you are or where you’re from you’ll eventually find yourself in church, and for me being at church was a get away because it seemed like everyone who was at church followed the rules of peace and love while they were there. I use to listen to the choir at church and watch my mom sing along with the look of complete happiness on her face, and I told myself that I’d learn how to sing so I could give her that feeling whenever she was down. So I learned how to sing, but on the flip side of things growing up in the hood there’s a lot of less fortunate people living in poverty and singing is not always the tone needed to match the energy to describe what we went through growing up, and for that reason I learned how to rap."

M Dot Taylor has a new single called “Tap In” That features Ice-T, A.D From Compton, and Glasses Malone from Watts California. It was produced by Clyde Strokes, and the Video is Fire. S/O to Jarett Bellucci the Conclusion for the visual. It will be available on 9/11/2020. Check out his single "Stylin" featuring Fedie Demarco, it has over 24k streams! Spotify

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