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King Von Stays On Billboard Chart Another Week

The untimely passing of Chicago up and coming rap star King Von made shock waves across the hip hop community and brought light back to the raging acts of violence still spilling out of the now globally popularized drill scene. While the rapper born Dayvon Bennet is no longer with us, his recently released album 'Welcome To O Block' is still getting the attention it deserves while adding another week on Billboards 200 chart, with another 20k in sales.

Von's music was a reflection of his gang inspired upbringing in Illinois, with the album being named after the GD dominated O Block neighborhood in southside Chicago, also home of early legends Lil Reese, Chief Keef, and Von's OTF label head honcho Lil Durk. The album also featured Chicago stand out Polo G, who recently posted more grievances for Von, saying he deserves to see his success. Von and Durk were close friends growing up in the same environment which led to multiple collaborations but also led to the both of them being involved in a shooting in 2019 that required them to stay away from each other per order of the court, and this, unfortunately, wouldn't be the last shooting that either was involved in.

On November 6th, 2020, King Von was in a physical altercation with Quando Rondo outside a club in Atlanta resulting in a shoot-out between the rapper's crews where Von was hit and later pronounced dead. There is no certain reason said as to why the altercation took place, as both rappers have previously been seen showing each other support on social media. The news of the shooting prompted many mournful words across the internet and an immediate spike in Von's streaming numbers, with his hit single "Took Her To The O" crossing 36 million streams. Honor his life by streaming all his music available on all platforms now.

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