• Yuni Morales

King Lo Prepares To Release New Single On Nov. 26th "Asphalt"

New York-based artist King Lo has an upcoming single released on November 26th called “Asphalt”. The record was produced by Jug an Internet Money producer. It’s a melodic hip-hop song with a unique vibe and a catchy hook. Lo shares that the song was inspired by the feeling of being an underdog and not getting the recognition he deserved until he worked hard enough that they couldn’t ignore him. "Don't try to claim me as ya friend if you gon bring me down” This is King Lo's favorite line because it’s a warning and also a reminder of how even people you think are friends might not be looking out for your best interest. He has been making music since 2017 and has been gaining traction. He plans to continue releasing music and content throughout the year. Stay tuned and check out his new release on November 26th. Click here to pre-save "Asphalt."

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