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Killval Releases New Single "Leave Me Alone"

The up and coming Richmond, VA born rapper Jayshawn Kylek Rowland, also known as the “American trap recording artist” due to his biography on “Genius”, Killval.

Kill is currently rising up with 15M+ listener on Spotify alone, just at the start of is 20’s!

He recently dropped a total banger named “Leave Me Alone” produced by the famous, Nick Mira who has collaborated with artist we know such as Trippie Redd, Juice Wrld, XXXtentatcion, and more!

The song is a complete vibe being that most people can relate

This song starts off with a beautiful melody by a guitar with some beats as Killval begins to vocalize hitting the notes spot on.

The first lyric of this song is:

“Break my heart like you know how”

Just from this 1st lyric we can tell where this song is going to go.

He goes on to explain that truly he can’t be mad at the girl he’s talking about, but he wants them to leave him alone saying:

She did me wrong
She's out of luck”

He also expresses that she shouldn’t have f*cked up the relationship because she was a part of his endgame. Whoever Kill is talking about really did him dirty because he realizes as well that she never cared, but who knows? Maybe that's the way he feels she never felt and that is 100% valid as well. For example,.in the 1st verse he says all she wanted was the money and not him.

Here's "Leave Me Alone" by Killval

prod. Nick Mira

Make sure to peep Killvals IG, Twitter, & other socials !

I'm sure most people can relate to this song not even just romantically, but with anyone that has made you feel like they never cared, don't look back & keep doing you! If it's meant to be, it will.

Let go & Let Be

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