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Jaya YC Returns With A New Single "Static"

Producer and artist Jaya YC drops the new single "Static". It's the lead single off his project coming soon called The Sad Tapes. Even though he wrote the song during his sophomore year in college in 2018, YC delivers music that lasts. "During the time I was going through a lot with school and personal issues, I was deeply depressed" he expressed. The track was inspired by his favorite artists Juice WRLD and Lil Uzi Vert. "Static" talks about being low and unmotivated. " I want Static to achieve is to be a song of relief and connection to others whoever feel depressed and down," he says. Music has a special ability to unify us all and YC taps into that element. He has already had great success in his craft working with creators like NextLane and SleezzyMobb.We would love to hear more from him, he will be releasing a single named "Positive" next month on May 14th. Jaya YC is focused on creating new music and more upcoming projects. Tap in with this artist, he's going up!

Stream "Static" on Spotify and check out Jaya YC on Instagram

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